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Welcome Home, Baxter!

So, it has been almost exactly one year since I started this blog with absolutely NO new posts in between. I suck, I know. I have so many new goals for 2018 and finding ways to channel creative energy is a big part of these goals. So, here I am- trying again. So many fun and exciting moments happened in 2017, however, the biggest moment of them all was the day I FINALLY got the thing I've wanted forever: a dog.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, this is old news and I apologize (not really, because I'm so obsessed with him and will never get sick of him and you shouldn't either-LOL!) I adopted Baxter on May 15th, Mother's Day (how appropriate) from the local animal shelter in San Diego. He was 9 months at the time and was this scruffy little all black Maltipoo. I honestly didn't even know what kind of dog I wanted specifically. I knew I wanted one with energy who would be able to keep up on hikes/walks/etc but small enough that it wouldn't be too big for a condo downtown.

My mom pointed him out (he didn't have a name until I got him) and his whole body was pressed up against the door of the gate just begging for pets and attention (this need apparently runs in the family-LOL) There was a 3-month old cockapoo crawling all over him, and Baxter's chill, patient personality was exactly what I needed. He wasn't adoptable until May 15th so I had to put a hold on him and wait to make sure no one claimed him as their lost pet.

Fast forward to Mother's Day and finally got to interact with him one on one. It was love at first sight and I signed the papers that day with the intent to pick up post-neuter the next day.

I've had Baxter now for 8 months and as cheesy as it sounds, I can't even imagine my life without him. I take him every where with me- shopping, errands, bike riding, beach- not sure who's enjoying the new life more. He is so smart, he's already learned how to sit, stay, and "high-five". He goes around town hugging strangers and makes even the grumpiest of people smile.

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xo, Jillian

Stay tuned for many more updates and pictures of Baxter!

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