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Welcome Home, Baxter!

So, it has been almost exactly one year since I started this blog with absolutely NO new posts in between. I suck, I know. I have so many new goals for 2018 and finding ways to channel creative energy is a big part of these goals. So, here I am- trying again. So many fun and exciting moments happened in 2017, however, the biggest moment of them all was the day I FINALLY got the thing I've wanted forever: a dog.

If you follow me on Snapchat or Instagram, this is old news and I apologize (not really, because I'm so obsessed with him and will never get sick of him and you shouldn't either-LOL!) I adopted Baxter on May 15th, Mother's Day (how appropriate) from the local animal shelter in San Diego. He was 9 months at the time and was this scruffy little all black Maltipoo. I honestly didn't even know what kind of dog I wanted specifically. I knew I wanted one with energy who would be able to keep up on hikes/walks/etc but small enough that it wouldn't be too big for a condo downtown.

My mom pointed him out (he didn't have a name until I got him) and his whole body was pressed up against the door of the gate just begging for pets and attention (this need apparently runs in the family-LOL) There was a 3-month old cockapoo crawling all over him, and Baxter's chill, patient personality was exactly what I needed. He wasn't adoptable until May 15th so I had to put a hold on him and wait to make sure no one claimed him as their lost pet.