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DIY Cat Litter Box

Let me paint a picture in your head...

A few people are over, the vibe is right, and drinks are flowing. Music is playing, people are laughing and everyone is having a good time until...all of the sudden *sniff sniff*.

Or perhaps, a guy you’ve been dating comes over for the first time. You really like this one, and you even cleaned up your apartment thoroughly with the anticipation that he might stop by after your date for a drink. You're cozied up on the couch watching a movie thinking the night couldn't be more perfect... when all of a sudden... *sniff sniff*. You play it cool hoping he wont pick up on the scent, simultaneously praying he wont think it came from you. It is too late...now-not only are you trying to ignore the smell, but also the sound of your cat digging around in sand in her highly visible litter box.

As much as I love my cat, Capri…there is no way around the awkwardness of having a cat litter box in an apartment under 1000 sq ft. There is NO such thing as a good place for a public animal toilet. And despite the fact that 36 million households have cats in the U.S. (yes, I googled that), there is NO way to not look like a gross cat lady when your cat does her business while company is over.

Friday, I felt inspired to do some projects around the house. Upon moving some furniture around there was one piece I just couldn’t find the right spot for… the litter box.

Like most millennials, when they need to brainstorm, I headed straight to pinterest, hoping the DIY cat lovers community would have a solve for me.

I saw lots of cat litter sheds, or tunnels that led to outside but nothing I felt that would be a good fit for a girl in an apartment who owns the most basic of toolkits. You know the one your dad gave you when you went away to college that basically consists of 4 nails, a hammer and a screwdriver (which may or may not have pink handles).

Then it dawned on me...I could turn a vintage trunk I found at a thrift store into a simple cat litter box shed that would not only give her privacy, but would also avoid potential horror in future guest’s faces.

The trunk from the thrift store.